Blooming Garden in little cups!

Fancy seeing blooming flowers growing and unfurling her petals right under your eyes and nose (yea, that’s right your nose too) in seconds and in tea cups? Don’t believe it? It’s an awesome experience and delightful to your heart and senses! It’s not like the normal flower scented tea leaves where the dried flowers and tea leaves are mixed together but an age-old Chinese art form where the technic of hand-sewing or hand-tied tea leaves with flowers into shapes as ‘blooming teas’ or ‘flowering tea’. As an amature in Chinese Tea, I tasted few of such tea locally and abroad. Known as China blooming tea, Fleurs de thé and also called Chinese Artistic Tea and Hand-Tied Teas, it’s mostly made of Silver Needle tips (Yin Zhen [White Green Tea]), Black or Green Tea with fresh natural flowers, hand-tied and woven into shapes like cones, balls, rosette,etc!

Flower tea bulbs

Thanks to Lilian of Malaysiabest [ She’s a fantastic lady and a great mom to her kids. Best of all she’s an amazing cook and traveller with mean taste buds! She won’t hesitate to voice out her opinions.. Move over Anthony Badouin :-D] for the info of this Online store and I was amazed by the range of FullBloomTea offers and their services! A must have is their Gift Sets range… from 1/2 dozen blooms that comes with large clear glass teacups to Full Bloom Tea Set that includes a Glass Teapot too! What’s more, they have wonderful ideas like Gift Certificates when you’re not quite sure what to get for your loved one, friend, business associate or fussy tea lovers to choose what they like. For the ultimate in tea indulgence, their Bloom Club plans are available in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month options. What I like with FullBloomTea is each tea blooms individually packaged in a sealed box for freshness and cleanliness. You can even try out their tea – just pay shipping & Handling charges for the tea samples that comes with rebate coupons for your next order. Don’t forget to try out their recipes too. I wished more tea suppliers provide such services…What I loved about Flowering teas are the unique features with various health benefits it offers and their lingering flower scent mixed with tea flavours. When infused it reveals a beautiful flower hidden within tightly pressed tea leaves, slowly unfurls her petals in front of your eyes! It’s really gives you the kind of Zen-Thing feeling after the hard days work! To fully enjoy the beauty of such painstaking tea art, you need to have durable transparent glass teapot, cups or tall glass. Pour boiling water over one flower tea (how much depends on the size of your glass or cups) and steep for 2-3 minutes (you can re-steep several times or until the flavour runs out).Below are the pics of my Flower teas… 🙂

A clear glass or mug

A clear glass or mug… large enough for the blooms to expand.

… the Flower tea bulb starts to open up.

The bulb starts to absorb hot water and expands… slowly.

… at the 2nd stage…

It’s amazing to see a little bloom pops up from the centre of the bulb.

View from the top…<p><p>

View from above the glass…

This is how it looks like after blooming from above… It’s great for Wedding or Tea-themed parties and gifts for your loved ones! This Mother’s Day, amaze your friends, gfs/bfs, mom or mother-in-law the beauty and health benefits of Flowering teas.



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