Wagashi-Handcrafted Food Art!

Oh my goshhhhhh! Wow! Oh My! That’s all I can say when my Japanese neighbour brought me a box of Wagashi. Look at the pictures below… these are called Namagashi. They are too beautiful to be eaten! What I Love about Wagashi is they are sold according to 4 seasons besides the regulars in their menus. Each season the pastry shops will make wagashi with their own interpretion themes. If you look closely each wagashi has a story to tell… The 1st time I tasted wagashi by chance was at Toraya at 10,rue St Florentin in Paris many years ago. What a coincidence I just bought a new box of Matcha and I’d been waiting for the right time to drink it. Well, this is perfect timing!

A flower????
Did you see the tiny ladybird and dew on top of the leaf??? 😀 This one has a dollop of Anko

A Strawberry???
My favourite is the  sea-blue cube-like wagashi with 3 red color goldfish inside. It also looked like an Ice-cube…
This purplish wagashi is lovely too. This version has a firefly!

Looks like a peach isn’t it?
Enjoy! 😀

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